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Welcome to Growing Inside, the only approved fan listing dedicated to the miracle of Pregnancy! I love pregnancies! I love seeing women who are pregnant and I actually love being pregnant! I've had two children - daughters - and I'd love to have more in the future. My Kevin and I are hoping for a son next. I cannot really say why I love pregnancies or why I love being pregnant. I'm just so happy when I am. I mean, when pregnant, you're bring in a beautiful new life into the world. What's not to love and be happy about?

I think that pregnancy is a beautiful experience and it would be such an amazing gift to be able to take over the fan listing for this great miracle of life! Not only because I've experienced this myself, but because I admire every woman who goes through it. It's not always easy, but it's such an amazing experience and worth every bit!

If you are a fan of this amazing and wonderful experience as well, then you too should join this fan listing too. Pregnancy is a great feeling. It is a miracle on its own!


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